Training individuals how to optimise their thinking and run their own brain are the transformational catalysts to changing and establishing healthy cultures.

Communication Excellence – Raising Emotional Intelligence

The Law of requisite variety from systems theory: The person or element with the most flexibility in a system will have the most influence.

“Adopt an attitude of flexibility. If there’s one emotion to cultivate to guarantee success, it’s the ability to change your approach. Throughout your life there will be situations you won’t be able to control. Your ability to be flexible in your rules, the meaning you attach to things, and your actions will determine your long-term success or failure, not to mention your level of personal joy.”
Tony Robbins

This translates into, it is not the kid in class with the highest I.Q. that ends up the healthiest and wealthiest or the greatest leader—it’s the one with the most developed E.Q.—Emotional Intelligence. The ability to read a situation and adapt strategy is the greatest indicator of ultimate success in leadership, relationships and business development and innovation.

Our communication and emotional intelligence Interventions introduce foundational structures establishing powerful resources to tap into for leadership and relationship development. They support the understanding, listening and responding in the communication process. Relationships and business decisions are sealed on the basis of trust which comes through effective leadership, communication and connection, rather than technical merits. Barriers come down and healthy business and personal relationships are established and developed.

Personal Leadership

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,” Romans 12:2

“This is a practice of intentionally influencing your thinking, feeling and behaviors to achieve your objective(s).” Bryant & Kazan

 Personal-leadership is an ‘inside out’ process. It begins with awareness and leads to greater responsibility and behavioral flexibility, which in turn increases your ability to work with and positively influence others to be successful.   It “gets the ego out of the way,” and eliminates interfering thinking patterns, behaviors, “how to” handle thoughts “in the back of the mind,” increases accountability levels, deals with excuses, overcomes blocks, limitations, and develops the skills for how to release natural genius and innovation.