We facilitate people in the processes of becoming leaders of themselves through equipping them with foundational principles, skills, tools and knowledge for running their own brain and for ongoing personal growth, development and contribution.   We equip leaders to address the soul and spirit of a person not just behaviors, skills and performances. Developing mature leaders is about the handling of freedom, personal freedom and that of other people. Mature Leaders lead from a spirit of gentleness – this does not mean nice or polite, at the heart of gentleness is the belief that “I do not need to control you.”

Our driving theme and passion is in facilitating the convergence of thriving healthy cultures that ripple out into every area of life, through inspired and practical solutions, creating learning environments where destinies, talents and skills are released. Developing thriving cultures succeeds in growing leaders, businesses, the bottom line of business, influencing hearts, minds and connecting families, friends, communities and nations.

Leadership is service not position

Tim Fargo