Culture – Cultivating Cultures of Excellence

Culture is “the way we do things around here, stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.  The software of the mind, beliefs, traditions, practices and daily actions by which a group of people cope with their world”

“Repeated behaviours will create a culture, both individually and corporately.” Paul Manwarring

Unclear distinctions around the definition of Culture and components that drive culture are confusing. When these are unclear, systems like business, families and communities engage in varied non aligned behavioural modifications and intervention.  This treating of symptoms wastes resources and creates schizophrenic and dysfunctional systems missing the true power, effects and results of a healthy culture.

Leadership Development Program

The program is established on 21st Century Leadership principles and frameworks. We recognise that leadership cannot be taught as a theory, our processes mobilise internal leadership potentials and facilitates the actioning of them.

“Leadership is not a Thing but a Process – It is about what and how we do what we do.” M H Hall

“Leadership is an attitude of service that results in influence.” Christine Caine

Essential Conversation

Essential conversations are required daily for effective relationships, business growth, leadership, parenting, partnering, and even friendship

These conversations require the art and skill of bringing up unpleasant subjects or something that seems to be wrong.  They typically begin with negative connotations rather than positive, suggesting that everything is done to avoid a person or situation, which grows from something small and manageable to large and unmanageable.

Group to Team Development

As social creatures we live and function effectively to the extent that we learn how to work with and through each other.  To operate effectively within any group, division, business, etc. requires specific social, relational, and communication skills.

This requires skills that enable us to succeed in getting along with others. Getting along well with others is required for successful relationships, leadership, entrepreneurship, networking, marketing and so on.

For team development we facilitate the framework, principles and skill set required to move a group of people to a high performing team, the added benefit of this process is that it sets the environment for the grooming of future mature leaders.