Personal Coaching Programs:

Often in order to move from where people are to where they REALLY want to be, change is required. We all have “blind spots” (limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviors, inferences and unconscious habits) that keep us from moving forward. It’s challenging (if not impossible) to spot these issues on our own. This is where having a “personal coach” makes all the difference.

Today, people in a wide range of fields and roles from CEO’s to attorneys, politicians, to physicians, network marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners, employ personal coaches. There are TV and movie personalities, government officials, and corporate executives who are wanting to be “at their best”, unleash their potential and operate “in top form” and do so by engaging a personal coach.

Executive Coaching Programs:

Harvard Business Review (Jan 2009)
In reviewing the field of executive coaching it was found that the top 3 reasons for engaging an executive coach are:

  • To develop the potentials of the executive or facilitate their transition in roles
  • To act as a sounding board
  • To address some derailing behavior.

Our programs focus on addressing these contexts and on leadership development and grooming individuals for new and more senior roles.

Entrepreneur Coaching

A large percentage of entrepreneurs remain focused only on “big picture” thinking, to the point that some rarely allow their vision and ideas to move off the drawing board to implementation stage. They are predominantly attracted to visions and ideas not necessarily wanting to or knowing what it takes to make their vision happen out in the world.

We coach to facilitate their visions and ideas becoming real, by planning and action taking. In this process they make real and internalise the details, unleash potentials and understand the focus and commitment realising a vision requires.

Leadership and Business Development Coaching

“There has been a missing framework in organizations that has led to the creation of toxic and damaging cultures and led to businesses not being sustainable.” Maslow, McGregor, Hall on Business Cultures

Our Leadership and Business Development Coaching program facilitates established and new Business owners and leaders in gaining awareness and recognising how they personally influence the culture and growth of business.   This is key in establishing critical influences of business growth, development and efficiency and eradicates doing ‘things’ right — at the expense of understanding whether they are doing what is right.

Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise
Risking more that others thing is safe
Dreaming more than others think is practical and
Expecting more than others think is possible
Kris Vallatton

Minding your own Business™ (MYOB) Leadership and Business Development Program

Minding Your Own Business brings together a systemic framework for Business and Personal Mastery, unleashing potentials, talents and skills in the process of becoming a Business Owner. It introduces a missing piece – “a framework” for Business Development. The field of Business Development after 30 years of insightful and powerful research, business solutions, business technical skills, books, presentations and business leadership, which all have offered and contributed valuable pieces in the field have however remained inadequate.

Minding Your Own Business integrates the missing “framework” and offers a way where two diametrically opposed forces effectively interface creating a convergence that makes it possible for passion, purpose, innovation and creativity to be expressed while becoming a financially successful businesses owner.

“So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work.” Peter Drucker