PSA Coaching facilitates people in the processes of becoming leaders of themselves through equipping them with foundational principles, skills, tools and knowledge for running their own brain and for ongoing personal growth, development and contribution.

Our driving theme and passion is in facilitating the convergence of thriving healthy cultures that ripple out into every area of life, through inspired and practical solutions, creating learning environments where destinies, talents and skills are released.

“Leadership is service not position.”

Tim Fargo

To get an ‘Aha’ moment about my own unique way of learning was deeply meaningful for me and cleared a way forward for further development.
Caroline Tointon
Everyone in Leadership should take this training. It will bring a paradigm shift you didn’t think possible.
Mike Govindasamy
I am so excited by what I have learnt. I feel transformed and closer to my authentic self and feel empowered with experiences and tools that will allow me to love and own my life. Thank you.
Zarina Kajee
This has definitely transformed my thinking, how I see things and I am also much more aware of myself.
Sibulelo Qhogwana
I have done a lot of studying and training for more than 20 years! The impact of this is Amazing!
Deon Langenhoven
A shift from being a “pressured’ high performance executive who was slowly burning –out due to external locus of control to become a highly productive and calm one with an internal locus of control. A direct result of this is my ability to run two highly successful global businesses while maintaining a highly balanced life.
Dr George Nyabadza, CEO of Sewell Group
My Executive coaching programme with Cheryl Lucas changed the manner in which I engage with people in my professional and personal life. She was sensitive to the issues I was facing in my work, but firm on her engagement with me to find my way on how to respond to these matters. She has exposed me to my own skills, wisdom and inner strength.
Mr Selwyn Willoughby, Director Reflect Information Management Services
My Coaching Programme with Cheryl Lucas came at a time of a big step-up in my career and I felt really challenged by my promotion. Cheryl’s coaching helped me to identify the areas that I found daunting and then explore ‘beyond’ the obvious reasons and previous boundaries. I also learnt to evaluate my own thinking and to reflect and observe my own behaviour.
Isabel Laas, Regional Commercial Strategy Lead: Neuroscience Janssen-Cilag Ltd
Cheryl Lucas has my highest recommendation as an Executive Leadership Coach. She has content expertise, emotional and most importantly spiritual intelligence, and a passion for the work she does. She has an exceptional ability to make one to open up, probe what is really important, listen carefully and provide suggestions for action. Working with her was an experience I will treasure always and have no hesitation to attribute the coaching sessions to the improved relationships I have with myself, my family, peers and my professional colleagues as well as the success I enjoy as the CEO of TETA.
Ms M. Frempong
In the internal team coaching sessions in SANBI, Cheryl’s skill, insight, leadership and authenticity was very clear, even to the most sceptical. In my view it was these characteristics of Cheryl that made our team coaching so successful. Some of our staff members still talk about her – how she laid bare through her coaching techniques, illogical, prejudice and inconsistent behaviour and attitudes that they were unaware of in themselves. The positive effects of those team coaching sessions can still be felt today. In my view, the impact of these team coaching has contributed enormously to the highly successful, effective and productive organisation that SANBI is today.
Dr Tanya Abrahamse, Chief Executive Officer: SANBI South African National Biodiversity Institute
I also had the priviledge of being part of Group Coaching faciliated by Cheryl Lucas. Once again, she managed the group interaction well, dealing with difficult institutional and inter-personal matters. One always left the sessions with a sense of hope, optimism and drive.
Mr Selwyn Willoughby, Reflect Information Management Services